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Recent Settlements / Verdicts

Hogan & Chapman, P.L. in West Palm Beach, Florida, has helped numerous clients get the compensation they deserve. Our law firm has accrued many victories and settlements over the years. Below are a few of these cases.

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$8.75 Million - Confidential Settlement - Wrongful Death

$5.5 Million - Confidential Settlement - Bad Faith Insurance

Victim lost employment due to Insurance Company's intentional abuse.

$1.15 Million Settlement - Premises Liability - Wrongful Death

A 69 year old woman drowned in her community's hot tub from hyperthermia (dangerously overheated body). The hot tub did not have a permit from the Dept of Health and had a history of water temps well in excess of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  The victim's family was represented by another law firm for 1 year and rejected by that law firm.  After extensive investigation and litigation, Hogan & Chapman was able to secure Justice for the victim's 3 adult children.

$450,000 Settlement - Vehicular Collision - Spinal Surgery

A 30 year old woman was driving through an intersection in northern Florida and was violently impacted by another vehicle, which resulted in a total loss of both vehicles and two surgeries to the victim's neck.

$340,000 Settlement - Vehicular Collision - Spinal Surgery

A 52 year old man was driving his vehicle into a shopping center parking lot and was violently impacted by another vehicle.  It was determined that the other driver was on his cell phone when he caused the accident.  The victim underwent surgeries to his neck and back.

$250,000 Settlement – Premises Liability – Wrongful Death

A man was struck by a car while he was running away from a fight outside a bar in Boynton Beach. The bar did not have any liability insurance for the incident, so the majority of the monetary recovery was obtained from the property owner because there was a significant & lengthy history of violence at that location.

 $835,000 Settlement – Vehicular Accident – Spinal Surgery

A female passenger suffered severe spinal injuries when the driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic when entering an intersection.  The victim underwent multiple surgeries to her neck. 

$1.85 Million Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Wrongful Death

An appendectomy patient lost his life due to a pulmonary embolism. The patient was recovering from the removal of his appendix, and the hospital’s nurses failed to recognize his deteriorating condition due to a blood clot in his lung.

$1.42 Million Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Wrongful Death

A 55 year old dialysis patient lost his life when the area through which he was dialyzed ruptured, resulting in massive bleeding. The health care providers involved in the patient's care did not identify the deterioration of the patient's graft or the dangers associated with the damaged vascular access site. 

$150,000 Settlement - Medical Malpractice - Fractured Femur

A 9 year old boy, who suffered from cerebral palsy, sustained a fracture to his femur while participating in physical therapy at a medical facility.  The boy underwent surgical repair of his fractured femur.

$900,000 Settlement – Products Liability – Traumatic Brain Injury

A young woman was severely injured in a rollover accident on I-95 due to a tire blowout. 

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